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our reason why

We want to recover the “terroir” concept in world beer through three points:

· A unique blend of barley and wheat malt mixed with a selection of the best biodynamic Tempranillo grapes.

· Craft beer, quality and innovation: handmade and assessment of the best brewing and wine recognized professional team.

·Exclusivity: millesime and limited, we look for an unique and high quality product, a mix that is created to wine lovers and beer lovers.


Tasting note

It is a copper-colored beer with medium carbonation and slightly pink foam.

In aroma, fruity sensations of red fruits (raspberry, blackberry) and citrus fruits with a floral touch. An integration between aromas of hops, malts and grapes, which are perfectly blended.

The palate is creamy and enveloping with a bitter finish that persists and balances with the nuances of sweetness and acid freshness perfectly. The mild acidity of Tempranillo grapes balances the alcohol degree, which is not noticeable.

The final sensation that leaves evokes a potent wheat beer but a light and aromatic pink sparkling wine also. It’s the perfect blend, it’s the harmony.


origin and terroir

Armonia borns in Castilla (Spain), land of castles, knights and Quixote.

Under the sun of Castilla, we could find majestic fields of wheat and barley.

Our grapes come from a Tempranillo vineyard planted on clayey soil with pebbles of the Duero River, they are vineyards with an average age of 28 years old than are growing in an altitude of 1.000 meters.

The protection and conservation of the environment and biodiversity are our key element, using biodynamic techniques with absolute respect of natural growth cycles and our terroir.

We have THE LIFE, the perfect balance between all Nature factors: animal, vegetal world, whole of mineral and astral world.


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