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It took us a long time to find the perfect grape, but in the end, eureka!

For José Mª Galindo, the observation of the environment leads him to an awareness that is reflected in the concept that the natural is always above what is created by the hand of man. Frustration with the conventional viticulture model makes him look for a sustainable agronomic viability, in which the balance of all the factors that act in nature prevails, respecting the environment, involving the biodiversity of the environment and not breaking natural cycles of the plants.

armonia y la biodinamica

To do this, he eliminated the word singularity (a single crop) from his field dictionary and introduced the concept of globality: biodiversity.

Biodiversidad Vagal
armonia y la biodiversidad
armonia y la biodinamica de su fauna

For him, the issue is very clear, the elements in nature make up a set that could be created thanks to the balances that were given to develop life and those balances were originated by the astral influence.

armonia y sus pagos

The goal: a 100% natural crop with which to make a great wine with the least intervention possible.

Vino Vagal
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