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Miguel Fajardo

Combining grapes and terroirs

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El Bulli

Ferran Adria
Roses (Spain)

Brochetas o pinchos de melón con jamón, mozzarella y tomate cherry

Easy tapas to succeed

Skewers of Iberian Ham, melon, mozzarella and Cherry tomato


Great terroirs



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John lopez
The Art of Recycling


The best


When Ferran Adrià announced in 2011 that he would close El Bulli for good, the food world went into a state of paralysis. Along with his brother Albert, the pastry chef, Adrià became a legend of the cooking world, his rise to fame coinciding with Spain’s gradual recognition as a global gastronomic force to rival France.

El Bulli

But Adrià wasn’t always destined for kitchen greatness – in fact, he never even wanted to become a chef. At 18 years old, he took a job washing pots to fund a summer of partying in Ibiza, and later worked as a cook during military service. When he arrived in 1983 for a month of work experience at El Bulli, the restaurant already had two Michelin stars. 

Ferran adria joven

Adrià worked his way up the ranks, but it wasn’t until the late 1980s that he began to experiment with avant garde cuisine, debuting innovative dishes such as lobster gazpacho and later creating the first foam.

Ferran Adria


His innovative restaurant, located in Roses, Spain, had changed the future course of gastronomy, giving birth to revolutionary techniques such as foams and spherification, and creating dishes that provoked many imitators, such as the famous liquid olive or carrot foam. .

Aceituna líquida-Ferrán - Albert Adriá
Espuma de Zanahoria por Ferran Adriá


Adrià may be his better known name, but El Bulli was not a solo project. His partners, Albert and the late Juli Soler, were critical to his success, as were the 2,500 staff members that made up the El Bulli 'family' during Adrià's more than 25-year tenure.

Albert Adria -El Bulli
Juli Soler socio de Albert y Ferran Adria


El Bulli set the stage for Spanish chefs such as Joan Roca and Andoni Luis Aduriz, as well as international alumni such as Gaggan Anand and Massimo Bottura, among many others.

Andoni Luis Aduriz - Joan Roca - Ferran Adria


When El Bulli had its final service in July 2011, it was hailed as the end of an era. It was followed by the El Bulli Foundation, which promotes gastronomic education and in 2020 will open a food-laboratory-turned-museum. El Bulli never returned in restaurant form but, through countless restaurants around the world whose chefs it inspired, its legacy lives on.

Fundación El Bulli


In 1998, El Bulli became the first restaurant to share all of its recipes and in 2002 it was crowned # 1 on the inaugural list of the world's 50 best restaurants. He rose to the top of the rankings four more times in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, a winning streak that has yet to be overcome.

Ferran Adrià won the Chefs' Choice Award in 2005 and the Chef of the Decade award in 2010.

We are sure that if we had found the masterful formula of harmony Grape Beer  in those years they would have invented something in order to have us in their letter.

A bow to the entire "El Bulli" family for being a source of inspiration to all Artisans of Flavor!

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