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Miguel Fajardo-Random Shaker


Miguel Fajardo

Combining grapes and terroirs


Chef Roberto Carrillo

The best bars and restaurants

El Bulli

Ferran Adria
Roses (Spain)

Brochetas o pinchos de melón con jamón, mozzarella y tomate cherry

Easy tapas to succeed

Skewers of Iberian Ham, melon, mozzarella and Cherry tomato


Great terroirs



arte-reciclaje-John Lopez


John lopez
The Art of Recycling


The art of

Sculptor John Lopez  specializes in giving use and life to what was discarded, his "scrap" sculptures are really an example of how we can give new uses to things that we no longer use, without the need to contaminate and generate more waste.

Escultura Reciclaje _John Lopez

This American sculptor was born on a small ranch in South Dakota. After a successful career in the world of bronze sculpture, and following the death of a relative, he discovered a new way of bringing his creations to life: metal scrap.

Escultura reciclaje John Lopez

John was commissioned to build a family mausoleum on his late aunt's ranch.  Given the lack of materials and because the ranch was very far from the nearest city, he decided to use scrap metal to finish his mortuary project.

Escultura Reciclaje_John Lopez
Escultura Tigre John Lopez
Escultura Reciclaje_John
escultura de reciclaje de un caballo salvaje
Escultura Hugh Glass John Lopez

Thus began John's passion for scrap metal sculpture, leading to a series of hybrid animal sculptures in which everyday objects are mixed with limited-edition bronze castings.

Escultura La Última batalla John Lopez
Escultura Reciclaje John Lopez toro
Escultura Lobo John Lopez


Armonia is bottled only and exclusively in 75 cl format, we do not use cork, wire or capsule in the closure, and instead of paper on the label and back label, we use silk-screen printing in its communication.  

We are not recycling artists but it is our obligation to contribute to create a better world. 

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