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El Arte de Combinar maltas, lúpulos y la mejor uva Tempranillo y sus terroirs

The Art
To Combining

Armonia is a hand-made drink with vintage,

combining grapes, malts, hops and their terroirs with only 7.5º of alcohol.

Tempranillo de Valtiendas


Aromas of ripe red fruits, mainly plums, currants, blackberries, cherries, raspberries, nuts and a slight smell of freshly cut grass.

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armonia y el trigo


A slight banana and clove flavor, a delicate sensation, some acidity, sweetness, cloudiness and body that helps to generate a good head of foam in the glass.

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Maltas de Cebada


We choose malts of the Pale type, somewhat baked, which gives us a somewhat sweet, bitter, fruity flavor, with light notes of spices and easy to drink.

On the nose you can find the biscuit malts perfectly integrated with the fruity notes of orange and pear.

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armonia y el lúpulo mosaic


A unique and complex combination of floral, tropical, fruity and earthy characteristics  with mango, pine, citrus, chewing gum and herbs flavors and aromas of tropical fruit.

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Lúpulo Hüll Melon

Hüll Melon

Mild bitter taste and notable fruity profile such as sweet melon, very ripe strawberry and hints of apricot.

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armonia y el esamblaje


We pamper the production process to the maximum quality. We ferment the must in small batches of 2,000 liters, a delicate fermentation of the careful selection of raw materials and their terroirs.

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