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Valtiendas is a municipality in the north of the province of Segovia bordering the province of Burgos to the north and a few km from the province of Valladolid.  

Although the town is located in a valley, the vineyards are found at the highest point, a moor at an altitude of 940 m formed in the Quaternary era.


Valtiendas has a continental Mediterranean climate. As a consequence of the high altitude and its distance from the coast, its main characteristics are:

  • The average annual temperature is 11.50ºC with a significant thermal oscillation between day and night that can exceed 20ºC. Winters are long and cold, with frequent fogs and frosts, while summers are short and hot, with temperatures around 30 ° C, but cool lows, slightly exceeding 13 ° C. The Castilian saying "Nine months of winter and three of hell".



  • Annual rainfall is scarce (514.10 mm) but it is distributed relatively evenly throughout the year except in summer, which is the driest season (82.20 mm). The mountains that delimit the plateau retain the winds and the rains, except in the west, where the absence of large mountains opens a corridor to the Atlantic Ocean through which most of the precipitation that reaches Valtiendas penetrates.


Limestone soils in the depth, followed by clays and combining sand and boulders on the surface, denoting a great river in ancient times .

Grandes Terroir-Valtiendas-canto rodado


It took us a long time to find the perfect grape, but in the end, eureka!

Tempranillo-Valtiendas- Grandes terroirs


For José Mª Galindo from Bodegas Vagal , the observation of the environment leads him to an awareness that is reflected in the concept that the natural is always above what is created by the hand of man. Frustration with the conventional viticulture model makes him look for a sustainable agronomic viability, in which the balance of all the factors that act in nature prevails, respecting the environment, involving the biodiversity of the environment and not breaking natural cycles of the plants.  

armonia y la biodinamica


To do it, he eliminated the word singularity (a single crop) and introduced the concept of globally: biodiversity.

Biodiversidad Vagal
armonia y la biodiversidad
armonia y la biodinamica de su fauna


For him, the issue is very clear, the elements in nature make up a set that could be created thanks to the balances that were given to develop life and those balances were originated by the astral influence.

Compost-Bodegas Vagal-Biodinámica

Biodynamic preparations and compost (organic compost created with cereal straw, animal manure and stalk and grape skins after making the wines). ​


The goal: a 100% natural crop with which to make a great wine with the least intervention possible.

Vino Vagal


A terroir that produces fine, elegant, complex, balanced, fruity wines with a beautiful and lively color.  

The alchemists searched incessantly for the philosopher's stone that would turn any metal into gold. We find it in armonia, The Art of Combining the best raw material from the best terroirs.

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