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Miguel Fajardo-Random Shaker


Miguel Fajardo

Combining grapes and terroirs


Chef Roberto Carrillo

The best bars and restaurants

The Bulli

Ferran Adria
Roses (Spain)

Brochetas o pinchos de melón con jamón, mozzarella y tomate cherry

Simple tapas to succeed

Skewers of Iberian Ham, melon, mozzarella and Cherry tomato


Great terroirs of the world





John lopez
The Art of Recycling


High Craftsmanship

The signature of the Spanish artisan Manila shawl skirts. The firm that recovers a traditional garment and turns it into the piece that elevates any style. @anacanalejo , creative director of the firm assures that "I was tired of seeing how in many collections and international firms, they used typical elements of Spanish culture such as flamenco or bullfighting in garments that had rarely come out of a Spanish workshop." And so this wonderful Sevillian firm was born in 2018,  Room 717 , which is conquering the world.

Ana Canalejo Mantón de manila
ROOM 717. Ana Canalejo

La Jupe Flor del Café, in chocolate brown and gold embroidery with incredible fringe.

ROOM 717. Ana Canalejo
ROOM 717. Ana Canalejo
ROOM 717. Ana Canalejo
ROOM 717. Ana Canalejo

Photos:  @anaencabophoto


Model:  @gemikantropia

Space:  @santomaurohotel

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