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The Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park was declared as such in 1989 and is made up of the stretch of the Duratón River that runs between Sepúlveda and the Burgomillodo dam, less than 20 minutes by car from our vineyards. The 25 km of route that makes up the Hoces, have been excavating the limestone rock, creating deep walls up to 70 m high, forming meanders.

Las Hoces del río Duratón

The natural values of the area are seasoned, as an added value, both in the historical and artistic level, by the Romanesque hermitage of San Frutos, the caves with engravings from the Bronze Age and the architectural complex of Sepúlveda.

Hermita de San Frutos en las Hoces del río Duratón
Ermita de San Frutos en las Hoces del Duratón

In the Hoces there is one of the largest colonies of Griffon Vulture in all of Europe, in addition to the Royal Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon or the Egyptian Vulture. In 1991 it was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA). Throughout the year you can see more than 130 species of birds.

Hoces del Duratón buitre leonado

The natural park is crossed by various  hiking routes  duly signposted, such as the popular "Path of the two rivers" and different sections where you can enjoy canoeing.  

aventura en piragua en las Hoces del Duratón
Piragüismo en las Hoces del río Duratón
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