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Cocina Fusión-Cerdo-Pato-Igor Aguirre-Odoloste-Bilbao


Igor Aguirre
Kitchen Fusion pork and duck

los mejores restaurantes del mundo-el bulli-ferran-adria-

The best bars and restaurants

The Bulli

Ferran Adria
Roses (Spain)

Brochetas o pinchos de melón con jamón, mozzarella y tomate cherry

Simple tapas to succeed

Skewers of Iberian Ham, melon, mozzarella and Cherry tomato


Great terroirs of the world



arte-reciclaje-John Lopez


John lopez
The Art of Recycling




The cocktail is a liquid dish just like a dish is a solid cocktail.

Art led to gastronomic and mixological creations, to the combination of flavors, textures and aromas that become a unique work of art, is the pleasure and emotion of the artist, transforming his creation into a visual and sensory art, all an experience for the most demanding.

Unique works of art, author's, where the artists not only show their techniques but also their stories, perfect combinations, accomplices of a ritual.

They are the alchemists of the 21st century who will guide us in an exceptional taste experience, proposing with ingenuity and expertise various formulas to enjoy and create the perfect harmony.

Igor Aguirre del rest. odoloste cocina fusión del pato y el cerdo


Igor Aguirre is one of these stars. Excellent chef, with soul and sensitivity, as confirmed by his career, he won the 2002 Spanish Championship for Young Chefs with  Eneko Atxa. He has worked in Mugaritz, Aretxondo, Andra Mari, Sua or Palacio Larrea, and learned from such relevant chefs as Andoni Luis Aduriz, Ricardo and Roberto Asúa and Aitor Elizegi.

Restaurante Odoloste - Igor Aguirre


In 2018 he opened Odoloste (blood sausage in Basque) with Roberto Herrera, known for having been manager in The Dubliners pub in  Bilbao (he knows something from the world of beer)  and currently manage Alghero in Las Arenas.

Restaurante Odoloste - Igor Aguirre


A warm place, with capacity for 45 people and a private dining room for 8, invites you to enjoy a couple of hours eating as God intended. Pay attention to the head of the room, Olatz López.

Cocina Fusión Cerdo&Pato
Cerdo con Pato


Discover the txerri trotters stuffed with duck confit and creamy carrot root and cumin.

We fell in love with his Art of Combining the txerri (pork), omnipresent in his dishes, with other animals and vegetables. Will our Art of Combining Malts, Hops and Tempranillo grapes make you fall in love in the same way?

We invite you to discover it. Ah! and the menu usually changes almost daily, they never stop surprising, it is not one of those restaurants to go only once. You will not regret!

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